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Celebrating people who transformed their lives with the help of Functional Medicine

In January of 2017 I first discovered the benefits of Functional Medicine provided by Heth Jennings.  I was experiencing issues with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and digestion problems.  I worked with my general physician with medication to help control the blood pressure and depression. While the prescriptions did provide some relief, I believe the Functional Medicine approach provided by Heth has complimented the medical prescriptions to be even more effective.  Heth ordered some additional screenings not offered by my general physician that provided information to help pin point areas where my body needed assistance in healing.  Heth was able to interpret the screenings and suggested supplements that would aide my digestive issues, depression and blood pressure.  He was very helpful to explain the purpose of each supplement.  He also heavily focused on my diet and helped me to create a diet specific to the needs of healing my gut issues.  Heth  has a very positive attitude and is always available to support me when I have questions or need additional information.  He answers phone calls and emails promptly and even makes home visits when necessary.   I am very pleased with his professional abilities and would recommend his services.       R. S.

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Heth has been instrumental in my recovery. Due to a serious accident in sports, I had to undergo a spinal fusion on L5-S1. It has been a long road to heal the broken vertebrae and ruptured disc, but I have made some serious headway thanks to Heth’s expertise in how the body works and heals. He is very technical in how he gets to the root cause and best methods for recovery. His knowledge and experience in Physical Therapy and the medical field is quickly apparent. He genuinely cares for his patients as well. He is very genuine and an expert at his trade. My family and I are incredibly thankful for all his help over the years.    D. A.

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