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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a patient-centered approach to optimal health. The goal of Functional Medicine is to determine and address the underlying cause for each person’s specific condition with both the practitioner and patient involved in the treatment. This is accomplished with a thorough consultation that allows you to share your story and that is designed to elicit pertinent past and current environmental, genetic, epigenetic, lifestyle factors, etc. that have contributed to your condition. Different forms of lab testing are used to determine the specific deficiencies you are dealing with and how to best address them. With this information, the whole person is treated instead of only treating a set of symptoms.

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How does it work?

Step 1 Free 15 min phone consultation
Step 2 Sign up for Initial Evaluation
Step 3 Initial Evaluation performed, recommendations made for further testing if needed
Step 4 Review of Clinical Findings appointment to explain test results and provide treatment plan
Step 5 Periodic email check ins to monitor progress and answer basic questions
Step 6 Follow up appointment to monitor progress and change treatment plan as needed


- An hour is spent sharing your story with your Provider (Patient Centered)
- Symptoms along with unique lifestyles and biochemical factors aid in diagnosis
- Treatment is aimed at identifying and addressing the root cause
- Each patient is treated individually (Patient Centered)
- Treatment is cost effective
- Body treated as a whole (Holistic)
- Goal is for disease prevention, health and vitality



- Little time is spent talking with your provider (Doctor Centered)
- Disease is diagnosed by symptoms without taking unique lifestyles into consideration
- Treatment is aimed at suppressing symptoms with drugs
- Each patient is treated similarly (Disease Centered)
- Treatment is expensive, especially considering long term use of drugs
- Body is divided into systems, leading to multiple specialists (Specialized)
- Goal is to identify disease and treat with drugs